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Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement

Parent Involvement and Parent Service Hours

Parental involvement in a child’s educational process is both a gift to the child and a gift to the school. This gift of parental involvement is strongly encouraged and highly valued at LJUMCNS. Each family in our program will be required to sign an agreement and contribute a minimum number of service hours during the September – June school year. If this commitment is not fulfilled, a fee of $15.00 per uncontributed hour will be due to LJUMCNS at the end of the school year. Our intent with this program is to encourage parental involvement and to generate support for our school.

Here’s How it Works

The number of days per week a child is registered in school will determine the minimum number of service hours. The rate is 4 hours per year, per day of weekly attendance. If more than one child is attending, the rate is based on the child who is enrolled the most number of days per week.

  • 2 days per week (M/W, T/TH)  – 8 Service Hours per year
  • 3 days per week (M,W,F & M,T,TH) – 12 Service Hours per year
  • 4 days per week – 16 Service Hours per year
  • 5 days per week (M-F) – 20 Service Hours per year

How to Fulfill the Service Hour Requirement

  1. Provide classroom snack or refreshments for school meetings. The time you spend shopping/baking/cooking counts.
  2. Provide help in the classroom by assisting with art time, cooking, etc.
  3. Provide transportation for field trips.
  4. Help with fund raiser events.
  5. Be a room parent.
  6. Share your career or hobby. Be a guest speaker – we’ll show you how!
  7. Provide at-home help. Sew dress-up clothes, repair, paint, clean toys. Help teachers prepare class materials, etc.
  8. Facility and equipment maintenance/repair, i.e. painting, rebuilding.

These are just a few suggestions and, as you can see, many of you are already doing all of the above and more! Each hour of preparation time or each $15.00 spent on providing a snack or refreshments counts as one service hour. A service hour notebook, with a page for each family, is kept on the counter outside the Nursery School office. It is your responsibility to record your worked hours in this book. LJUMCNS applauds you and thanks you on behalf of all our children for making our Nursery School one of the best!

Parent Involvement

  • All parents are urged to take advantage of opportunities which are made available to them during the year for personal enrichment – conferences, speakers, work-parties, reading materials.
  • Parent meetings will be held at various times during the year. Watch for announcements via email, newsletters and on the bulletin board.
  • Parent teacher conferences are held each year. Informal conferences with teachers are encouraged throughout the year.
  • Parents are asked to evaluate the Nursery School Program at the end of each school year. We encourage your comments and suggestions throughout the year.
  • Teachers will inform parents of the daily happenings at School, with documentation, or email, or by a written posted note. Please also check your parent file and/or child’s cubby each day.
  • The Nursery School Board, an advisory group, consists of Church staff, Church members, parents representing the various classes in the Nursery School, teacher representatives and the Director. Board members may be contacted at any time concerning Nursery School Policy and activities.
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