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Fall is Here!


October has come and gone and as we walk through our neighborhoods we hear the sound of crunching leaves under our feet and are in awe of the multicolored leaves gently reminding us of the changes in the air. This is also a reminder that it is a time of change for our children. Families are getting settled in their school routines, they are anticipating family time in the holidays and are ready to put an election behind them.  The children are beginning to feel secure in their routines, they are feeling more comfortable in their surroundings and ready to explore their environments. We can feel an excitement in the air whether we are in the garden awaiting the ripening of an apple, pumpkin or tomato or notice the beginning of a new friendship on the playground.

In the classrooms the teachers have also established their routines, they are discovering individual and group interests, and are continuously creating warm and loving environments for the children to grow in. Beautiful provocations set up by teachers create opportunities for children to see their interests in a new light and instill a curiosity for others. It is really a wonderful time of year for us as we notice that just as in the garden we are sowing the seeds of fruits that will feed us, we are sowing the seeds of curiosity and engagement that we hope will instill in the children a lifetime love of learning. I like the garden analogy because it reminds me that as teachers and parents it is important to remember that each seed has its own germination period. Some seeds will take a while to sprout while others are ready to go right away- each in their own time.  So let’s take some time to nourish our “seeds” and allow them to find their own way as we support and observe the journey that is each child’s growth.

So I will close this blog with the realization that Thanksgiving is around the corner. This is my favorite holiday because it is a time for family to get together, share a wonderful meal, exchange some cherished moments of time and have an opportunity to acknowledge our gratitude. On that note, I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving Break.

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